Striped Hyena Facts, Diet, Habitat, Pet, Fight, Body, Mating Discussion

A species of Hyena, the Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena) native to the Middle East, the Caucasus, North and East Africa, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It’s included by IUCN, a threatened but poorly understood species. As calculated their population there are 10,000 mature hyena’s available in the world. Striped Hyena continues to decrease consecutively to meet a 10% decline over the next three generations.

Hyena is known as a scavenger, they eat ligaments, bones, bone marrow and cartilages, They crush large bones, make fine particles and swallow them. Help to clean the environment. Stripped kill their own prey. In the rare instance, they attack the Humans. It’s a monogamous animal and both males and females help each other to nurture their cubs.

Striped Hyena Habitat

The striped hyena lives in arid, mountainous regions with scrub woodland. It dens in rocky hills, ravines, and crevices. It also in habits open Savannah areas with dense grassland in some regions. In Africa, it is out competed by the spotted hyena in open areas and is relegated to other habitats. Hyena a little bit shy then spotted hyena.

Hyena is a typically nocturnal animal, start hunting in the dark and return to their lair before the sunrise. It’s a fighter animal and fights till death even attacked by a larger predator. They compel the large predators to run away when they compete them for food.

The fossils of striped hyena are commonly found in Africa. They are not found in the Mediterranean region and spread over to the Villafranchian and the middle of the Pleistocene.

Hyena fossils are common in Africa, with records going back as far as the Middle Pleistocene and even to the Villafranchian. As fossil striped hyenas are absent from the Mediterranean region. To spread outside Africa, they entered Eurasia after the extinction of the Spotted Hyena from Asia in the last glacial period. They also spread out in the Furninha Cave in Portugal, Hollabrunn, and Montmaurin in Austria and the Genista Caves in Gibraltar. It was similar to the modern population but bit larger to the Brown Hyena.

Stripped Hyena physical structure

Like other hyenas,striped Hyena has a dog like an appearance and having dark black strips on the body. The front legs are significantly big in comparison to the hind legs. They have thin and week legs, thick and long immovable neck, massive and heavy head with a shortened facial structure. Large and sharp ears spotted high on the head and small eyes.

Stripped Hyena has bulky pads on the paws like the other hyenas. Their tail is short along powerful claws. Their Long and thick neck along strong skull and jaw makes it a crafty hunter. The female striped hyena has 03 pairs of nipples.

Striped Hyena Weight

Fully mature hyena 22 to 55 kg (49 to 121 lb)
Averaging 35 kg (77 lb)

Stripped Hyena Body Length

Total Length 85 to 130 cm (33 to 51 in)
Tail Length 25 to 40 cm (9.8 to 15.7 in)
Shoulder Height 60–80 cm (24–31 in)

Striped Hyena Mating

The male striped hyena has a pouch of naked skin near the anal spot. Above the anus, the large annual gland opens into it. many fatty glands are existed there above and between the opening of anal glands. When they do mating or social interaction the anas can be everted by approx 05 cm. When a predator attacked. The Hyena everts the anal gland and spread out a hard and bitter smelling liquid. Its senses ability are very bad but eyesight is very good and sharp.

Striped Hyena Skull

Striped Hyena is smaller as compared to the Spotted Hyena. It’s a little less build the animal. that’s why its skull differs from the Spotted and Brown Hyena. Despite less massive build Striped Hyena has a powerful structure. It’s very well adapted a dangerous scavenger because of its strong Jaw muscles which provide it sufficient bite force to crack a camel thigh. Though the upper molar is far larger It’s dentition is smaller compared to the Spotted Hyena.


Furry Striped Hyena

Long hairs till the base of the tail make a stiff and thick winter coat to the Hyena. It’s in various form as per the season. It’s very dense in the winter season. The hairs are approx 50 to 75 mm long and 150 mm on the tail, become a little shorter in the summer.

The coat is a dirty grey in the winter. The hairs are light grey with white base decorated with a black and dark brown tip. The front part of the mouth is dark greyish brown and the chicks and the top of the head are the light color. Ears are usually black along with black and white fur on the tail.

Striped Hyena Behavior

A nocturnal animal leaves its den at the time of night and returns back before the sunrise. Striped Hyena lives in a group of 01-02 animals. The large group is called Libya. Generally, seven-members are in the Libya group. They are the very social animal and doesn’t bound in territories. They overlapping the home range of others. Home range is calculated by 4 km2 (17 sq mi)-72 km2 (28 sq mi). Hyena uses a paste release from the anal pouch to mark its territory. They put this paste on grass, stalks, trees and name a few as marking of territory.

Hyena never bites on the mane which is a signal device for hyenae. they bit on the legs and throat when fight. Hyena lick, sniff the noise of each other, evert their anal and put their paw on other’s throat at the time of greeting. They aren’t as vocal as Spotted Hyena. Hyena just howling and laughing.

Striped Hyena Reproduction

It’s stated above that Hyena is a monogamous animal. The female establishes the den with the help of a male. Their mating varies according to the location. They breed in the month of January-February in Transcaucasia and in October-November in southeast Turkmenia. Striped Hyena breeding is nonseasonal in the captivity. There is no time for mating. it can occur at any time.

Striped Hyena Gestation Period

The gestation period ends in 90-91 days. Hyena cubs born with closed eyes and small ears along with adult marking. On the contrary, the Spotted Hyena baby is born fully developed with black coats. Striped Hyena baby opens the eyes in 07-08 days. Baby Hyena leaves its den in a month. Hyena weaned it’s baby when it 02 months old. Despite the male, the female hyena is very possessive about the baby striped hyena.

Striped Hyena lifespan

They can live for 12 years in the wild whereas it can live for 23 years when in the captivity.

Striped Hyena Behavior

Hyena establishes it’s a den in caves, rock fissures, and burrows. Some of them formerly used by some different animals like porcupines, wolves, warthogs, and aardvarks. although Hyena can dig their own dens. The dens can be identified with bones spread out near the place. During the day Hyena hide in the pits, dense thickets, reeds, and caves to survive from the heat, cold and the predators. The size of the den is varied as per the location. In Karakum the den entrance may 0.67mm wide and 4.15 to 5 m deep with no more extension. On the contrary in Israel, they are much larger to 27m deep.

Striped Hyena Diet

Striped Hyena is mainly a scavenger who clean the environment. They eat the dead bodies which are in different stages. Such dead bodies contaminate the surrounding environment. Hyena clears the raw meat on the carcasses and even eat the bones, cartilages, ligaments and bone marrow. It crushes the bones into small pieces. Sometimes they swallow the entire bone. It attacks any animal run it down, overcome and kill by tearing out the viscera with a mortal wound.

Turkmenistan wild boar, kulan, porcupines, and tortoises.
Uzbekistan Oil willow fruits
Caucasus Grasshoppers
Israel carcasses garbage, Carrion, and fruits.
Tajikistan Oil willow fruits
Eastern Jorden Feral horse, water buffalo carcasses, and village waste.

As per suggested by the professional’s the Hyena from the middle east, central Asia and the Indian subcontinent attack on the big animals. As per them, there is not any evidence which proves that the small species of Hyena from Arabian and east African attack on the big animals. they are trying to hunt small species instead of the big guns. Striped Hyena requires more water than other carnivores to survive. They are feed itself until fully satisfied. The face of the striped hyena is pretty white and noticeable from the long distance because they are having heavy calcium in the diet. Hyena who has the responsibility to nurture it’s cube take it’s food to the den.

Striped Hyena Vs Gray Wolf

In the middle east and central Asia, the striped Hyena compete hardly with gray wolf. Hyena complete it’s maximum diet portion form the prey which was killed by the Grey Wolf. The Hyena dominant over the wolves if one to one basis but wolves in groups can snatch the carcasses from a single hyena. In different circumstances both the species can shares the den but it’s very rare. Hyena is generally to live and travel with the groups of wolves. Both of the groups don’t harm each other.

Both the predators having benefited from the unusual collision, as Hyena has wonderful senses to smell and wolves are much better to track big animals to hunt.

Striped Hyena Vs Red Foxes

Hyena competes with the Red foxes. both fight on the large carcasses. Foxes harass hyena with their extreme speed. Foxes are very clever and their smaller size makes an agilest and spry. Sometimes fox deliberately tortures the hyena even there is no prey in the circle.

Striped Hyena species frequently clean the waste generated with the kill by Tigers, Cheetahs, and Leopards.

Striped Hyena Vs Leopard and Cheetahs

Hyena usually wins the one to one battle against the Leopard, Cheetah. Such dispute for carcasses always occurred in the wild and Hyena always dominate such fights. The Striped hyena snatches the prey from the very dangerous predators even they kill that with a heavy physical effort. Leopard and Cheetah leave the prey itself if there is the group of Hyena nearby and get aware of the hunt.

Striped Hyena Vs Tiger

Striped Hyena snatches the carcasses from the tiger cubs also. They compel the tiger cub to leave the kill and run away but an adult tiger always dominates the hyena and never let waste their hard work to the species. Tiger always threatens the hyena and keep them away from their prey if they are not in groups. Hyena in groups sometimes get the desired result and posses the prey without any hard physical work.

Striped Hyena as a food

According to a picture exhibited on the Mereruka’s tomb in Sakkara, the theory is going to be strong that in the old Egyptians kingdom Striped Hyena is used to be as a food, Though some of the researches raise their eyebrows on this theory and argued that the exhibited picture was related to Aardwolves. In Egypt, the hyena is still eaten. Hyena meat is considered as a medicine instead of food in the various part of the world i.e. Arabian Bedouins, Palestinian laborers, Sinai Bedouins, Tuaregs, in Somalia and the Bedouins of Arabia.

Striped Hyena in folk music

The ancient Roman and Greeks are always thinking that the body parts i.e. blood, rectum, skin, eyes, genitalia, tongue, hair, fat and even the ash is very effective to ignore evil effect and fetch the love, prosperity, and fertility. At the south and west Asia, Striped Hyena body parts play an extreme role in Love magic. In Pakistani Sind area, the local Pakistani keep the hyena tooth on the churn stuff to save the Baraka from contamination.

In Iran, The Hyena skin is considered as a powerful charm against potency. The hyena’s hair is used in love magic In Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Northen India hyena blood used as potent medicine and the tongue is used to ignore tumors. in the Pakistani Khyber area the burned meat of Striped hyena is either taken orally or apply on the genitals part may increase masculinity.

In Afghanistan, some mullah wraps the female striped vulva (us) in a silk cloth for and wear it. A man dominates women of his desire if he wears the hyena vulva. It’s a famous proverbial in Dari of Kus-e-kaftar bay as well as in Pashto of kus-e kaftar. Some Pakhtun in the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchistan, keep the vulva in a vermilion powder having an aphrodisiac effect itself. The homosexuals and bisexuals are also used the freshly killed rectum to attract the young people.

All of the above is led to the statement that who posses the annual and vulva of a hyena has many lovers and very attractive. A striped hyena male organ is also used for the same purpose if it kept with vermilion powder.