Monkey – Facts, Diet, Mating, Behavior, Disease, Characterstics

Monkey about an intelligent animal who mostly lives on trees and generally in the forests. They live in groups. they are very intelligent and curious about new things. they are also mischievous and adventurous. this species having a lot of things to describe. There are 264 breeds in their species. They are very similar to the humans. Whenever they are going to search for the food. They all are the part of a group, lead by the leader monkey who gather food and all the else members of the group are cover him from the external threats.

Facts about Monkeys

According to the Monkeys Facts, weight is 36 kilograms and approx. 01 meter long. The size of the tail is as over 100 grams and 117 millimeters (4.6 in) with a 172-millimeter (6.8 in). Generally, they eat small animals (including insects and spiders), leaves, nuts, fruit, flowers, eggs, and seeds.

Monkey Abilities

These species possess their own set of fingerprints as Human have. They have the brain, a little bit large as compare to their size. This is the main thing which includes them in the category of the most intelligent animals. This quality makes them different from the simultaneous animals like Apes and Lemurs.

Monkey Attack

Sometimes they declared agriculture pests and killed so that they can’t damage the crops. They also put threats on the tourist places as they attacked the tourists. Some of the subspecies are dangerous and attack the human if they provoked in any way.

If any tourist having something which attracts them than they definitely attack that person to snatch the things. They also become aggressive if anybody shows them their teeth whether he or she gave them a smile but they irritate from this practice and can attack the person give smile to them.

Monkey Bite Force

Monkey bite doesn’t matter how big it is. It’s highly dangerous. They carry high-level rabies bacteria regularly within their mouth and anybody who attacked can be infected in a short span of time. In such case, the wound should be the wash for at least for 15 minutes with soap and clean water and immediately consult with a Doctor who stars the treatment and suggests the best precautions against rabies.

According to the religion and culture, they described as an intelligent and mischief animal. In some conditions i.e. quadriplegics and name few human trains this animal to assist such people. huge and extensive training to be provided to them for feeding, fetching, manipulating objects, and personal care before placed with the disabled person.

Monkey characteristics

With different characteristics, there are many different spices. we can segregate them according to the size, color, abilities, and location where they found.they are likely to do human-like things. Monkey is very social as on their nature. they use several methods to communicate the danger to each other.

Monkey Species

There are approx. 264 well-known species across the world. According to their species, they can be very small or can be big. The smallest monkey is about 06 inches long and about 04 inches heavier. the tallest one is 03 feet long and 77 pounds heavier. Often they keep with the Apes But the Apes are very much different. they don’t have the tail.

Monkey in Space

Numerous countries used them in their space research programme. the first one went to space was Albert II, flew in the V2 rocket in the 14th June 1949 launched by the United States.

Monkey Behavior

They are likely to the human in many ways. they also share their emotions within their group. similar to the human they also show their mourn, sadness, love, and anger.sometimes they wonder the researches with their smile on their faces. They are also having fingerprints as a human has. This species having a brain that’s why they are so intelligent than the other animals. they believed to be smarter also.

Monkey Hunting

The future of some of the species is uncertain these days. Hunting of them and keep them as the pet is also effected the natural habitat and growth.some of the places the killed because they seem to be nonsense as the habitat thinks. Villagers and farmers kill them so that they can’t spoil their corp. in some areas, human consume their meat. Monkeys are eaten in some part of South Asia, Africa, and China. Chinese people generally like to eat their mind.

They are also part of many zoo and conservation location. they are very entertaining that’s why a lot’s people come to see them.

Monkey Conversation

Breeding is also a part of the conservation programme. this is which helps various species to get their population to increase. we hope that many of the species will become a part of the wildlife instead of zoo and conversation programme.

Monkey Slapping

As described that monkey is the finest and intelligent animal across the wild and there are a lot of interest facts which a certainly wants to know about this animal. they are totally unpredictable and nobody knows when can they attacked or slapped you, you have to certainly keep some distance from them to get you safe. yes, it’s true that they are very curious but it’s also true that they are wild and time they will get aggressive and hurt you. so, manage a safe distance from them.

Pet Monkey

This is the most common animal which keeps as a pet. Even though it’s totally illegal but people continue to keep them as the pet. some of them trained to help the disabled. some of them also use them for burglary.

Monkey Action

They generally seem to spend the time to get clean each other. Grooming is the main part of their lives. they commonly found to spend huge time to remove items from the fur of each other. Monkeys not only to do this to get clean each other but also for lump together.

Monkey species

There are approx. 264 species across the world. The most dangerous species are arboreal. they live on the trees and spend their hole live on the trees. other species spend their lives on both land and trees.

Monkey Tail

They are having a long and strong tail. with the help of this tail, they balance their body and also hang on the trees for a very long time with his tail. In some resign we can see them in the different color instead they are found n black and white only. Spider monkey has the strongest tail among the animals.

Monkey zodiac

They are having the important part as the Zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar. According to the same calender, They represent the year 2016. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the person who born in the year represented by the species are very intelligent, agile and smart characteristics.

Where do Monkey live

While they are very perceptive by nature instead they never suffered from the common cold. Africa, Central Asia, Japan, and India are the main countries where you will find them very common. you can also found monkeys in Central America, South America, and Mexico. According to the place and atmosphere, they have a very different nature.

Monkey Face

Most of the observers feel that their face and features are very much similar to the human being. A funny and amusing face. They are entertaining with their facial expressions. they live in a group which contains 12 to 15 members. The thumb of the species is as important as it’s tail which is very strong to grip and helps him to climb the trees so easily. They are eating the Banana once peel off. A monkey never eats a banana without peeling it off.

Monkey to Human

In the today’s world, they are helpful in some manners means they have various relationships with the human. Human trains them to help the disabled and handicapped people and They complete their task excellently. They very helpful for those who can’t do their tiny work without anybody’s help. They do those practice for their owner. we can say them, excellent helper monkey. any Human keep them as pets. somehow they use in the space research programme.

Monkey Facial Expression

Facial expressions are the most effective and commonly used by them for communicating with humans. They also express their love and affection in the same manner as a human does. in some conditions they howl very loudly which hear up to 10 km that’s in some area they are called howler monkey.

what do monkeys eat

Generally, Their diet contains the flowers, seeds, leaves, fruits stalks, tree’s root and stalks, fungi, vegetable, fruits, baby birds, termites, spiders, scorpion, bird eggs, grasshoppers and dragonflies.

Monkey Breeder

Monkey breeding is the practice do by the owner in the captivity to get the young. Domestic animals who live as a pet may be mate intentionally. In the domestic scenario, a male mates the female of a young is called a Monkey breeding. They have bred in the captivity for thousand of years. In the initial period, they were used for street and circus performances. In the modern world, the breeding has been done for commercial use.

Monkey Mating

The male and female animal mate each other for reproduction is called mating. In the simple words, it’s an art of self-pleasure. This species has a lot of subspecies from lemur to monkey and perform different sexual behavior while mating. for example, Capuchin monkey and female orangutans are observed to use sticks and straws as temporary sexual tools for pleasure.

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